1/8 – 30 minutes on G-maj (in 1 octave) G-min & arpeggios.
Focus on using my ear.  No pieces practiced.  It is beginning to appear that practice time will be limited this week.

1/9 – w0rked late, but managed to get 45 minutes in.   Walked though both pieces (K#2 & Suzuki#13).    Went over the F3-B3 slur a few times.  My playing on the G string still sounds reedy and thin.  I think I would like to do some metronome practice in.   It’s much harder, but maybe add a few mintues at the end of each practice.

1/10 – Worked through same pieces as yesterday.   Focused on challenging sections of each, and Kum. 2 through the first repeat bar.

1/11 – Just allegretto (suzuki #11) today.  Getting better at noticing when my E is too sharp (because there’s too big a step down to D).  There’s a difference between how I do on my way up a scale vs. on the way down.   Also worked on the D major scale (one octave starting on the D string) so that I can hear that G on the way down.

1/12 – see post on “Tough Night”

1/13 – Played Suzuki #11 and #13.   Warmed up with C major scale (2 octaves) using scale 1. (no slide)

1/14 – Played with the focus of not getting tense.  Just listening.  When I hit a bad note, note it and move on.  Tried to play some games where I would hit the open string, then the 4th finger on the next lower string.  Really need to review hand organization.    I am noticing that I can get a better sound on that C (on G string) if I tilt more of my hand weight towards my #4 finger.    It doesn’t sound as reedy that way.  But really, I should probably be working on my bowing to make it sound nice.    When will I start sounding good?