It was a little hectic around here, so today a short practice of 30 minutes. I did some 4-3-2-1 on each string and some more ear training to find B and E. In addition, ran through Ku. 1 and 3. So, fair to say this was mostly reviewing old stuff rather than trying new stuff.

There were a few times when I found it challenging to hold a whole note nicely with good tone throughout, but in jumps and starts it is getting better.

Day 5 complete!

In general music, I downloaded Brahms cello sonata #1 in E minor Op. 38. I also browsed through ‘Physics of Musical Instruments’, which covers the application of the wave equation and resonance to a variety of classes of musical instruments including Strings, of course, as well as percussion, and brass.  One of the nontechnical features was a series of pictures showing how the body of the cello itself vibrates, which goes a long way towards helping me see how different cellos have different voices.

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