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Day 3:

After I  decided on which two pieces I’m going to have ready for my lesson, I switched gears a little.   I also experimented with sliding to 4th position for a G major scale and trying to find F# and G.   I can do it, but can’t slide back to 4th position for the D on the way back down.  But it did sound very sweet.   Practiced 90 minutes today, but spread over two separate sessions.

I also need to ask my teacher about temporary rentals should I travel.

Regarding my teacher, I’ll do a special post on him when my playing actually does him credit.

My secondary goal now is to learn music theory a bit more systematically so that I can practice with the kids occasionally.   Interestingly, both of their practice schedules have become more consistent.   I’m hoping that now that they actually hear music coming out of their instruments, they might not avoid practicing as much.

On the subject of music and kids,   I am promising myself not to be a pushy parent, but I also don’t want early quitters either.    They should give it a reasonable chance to succeed.