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Today’s main practice note is that when I go from 4 to 2, my pinky goes on vacation. I need to keep it near the fingerboard somehow. I also need to figure out how I should be holding my left hand and arm for each of the four strings.

I also wanted to make sure I kept time, and I had to force myself to keep going even after butchering a note. That’s hard for me.

Practice time today was approximately 1 hour. Note that I haven’t saved my time zone preferences, practice dates may vary from post dates.

I note that my right elbow is a bit sore.

Today was day 4 in a row, starting with 1/1/09. Also, today is 1/4/9 – a sequence of perfect squares. Yesterday was 1/3/9 – the dates numbers were in geometric progression. I’m interested in number progressions and how they relate to pitch progression. However, I’m not one of those “music is math” people. I am pursuing this as a matter of artistic expression.  But I can’t help loving an instrument with a giant integral sign carved right into it!