Got two days down.   Today was mostly a repeat of yesterday, and like yesterday,  focusing on my left hand.

My teacher keeps telling me that first position is approximately two fingers down from the nut when my fingers are spread naturally.   That’s how I’m trying to find a first approximation.    However, I always seem to come in flat when I do that.

I seem to be getting more accurate playing my 4, but it seems to be somewhat fortuitous .    My teacher wants me learning without any dots or tape on the fingerboard.   Sometimes I wish I could have some guide so I can just know my left fingers are OK and I can focus on my bowing, but I must admit I’m a little proud that I’m learning to go without.  Doing so makes me feel more like a real musician.  An early beginning one, but a real one.

I’m also trying to ear-train my way finding that first position naturally, using the game suggested on Cello Chat: Left Hand Technique . Had I started when I lived in San Antonio, I might have met this fellow.

My son is very proud that he taught me how to play the ‘French Folk Song’ in the Suzuki book, so I usually close my practice with that when he’s awake.  It took me a little research to figure out that ‘3’ on the viola means ‘4’ on cello.

On a side note, went bowling this weekend.   That was a fine exercise for my left fingers.    Score’s improving, too.